It’s time to look at a new way to market your business.

The Omni Veil is an all-in-one Bluetooth, WIFI, and Cellular transceiver that operates independently without the need for a mobile app.

The Omni Veil is Technology gone mobile. In combination with our Smart Technology, we have taken the Omni Veil on the streets with emergency vehicles, hitting all major streets and highways/freeways.

24/7 mobile rotation reaching over 1,872,376 registered Nevada drivers and over 39 million per year in tourists.

Estimated Daily reach:
– Southern Nevada 6,414,700
– Northern Nevada 1,200,200

Ad Delivery:
– Notifications
– Coupons
– Website
– Messaging
**Through Bluetooth, WIFI, and Cellular Technology.

What gets measured…Gets managed
– Fully Optimized Dashboard
– Monthly Analytics Reports
– No Subscriptions
– No Apps

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